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Friday, 20 January 2017

Grantchester St Mary and St Andrew

Grantchester was the village of WW1 war poet Rupert Brooke.

It is also the focus of the TV series "Grantchester" starring James Norton. It is just a waterside walk along the Cam from Cambridge. It is famous for its Orchard Tea Rooms which have been there since 1897. Mind the wasps in autumn!

Grantchester is also the home of Jeffery and Mary Archer. There are more Nobel prize winners living here than anywhere else on Earth. Byron's Pool is also in Grantchester. As a village, it is nothing special. Yes there are thatched cottages, but it is really more famous for its past and present inhabitants.
This church dates from the 14th century although the south aisle dates from the 19th century. The font is believed to be Norman.  The aisle windows are Victorian.

When we visited the church was unlocked.


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