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Saturday, 3 October 2015

St Mary's, South Creake, Norfolk

We visited South Creake on October 1st 2015.  This is a very light and airy church situated a little way out to the north of the main village. South Creake itself is south of Burnham Market and a few miles south of the north Norfolk coast. The church has been important in the village for over 1000 years.
View of the church
The church feels very Anglo-Catholic with lots of statues! It was as if Cromwell's men gave this place a miss although they did much damage, as was the case in many churches. Many of the statues were replaced years later. The ones in the roof were restored in the 1950s.
Restored angels in the roof
The church felt friendly and inviting, although we visited on a Friday, so there was no service. There are regular talks in the church.
View of the nave
The original church dates back 900 years and was made of wood. It was later rebuilt in stone. There are a couple of very old chests. The one below dates from the 13th century and comes from nearby North Creake.
13th century chest
Ceramic Calvery figures
A peel of 5 bells was only recently rung again in 2014 after many years of silence thanks to a Heritage Lottery grant and local donations. The original bells go back to the14th century when the current tower was built.
The story of the bells
The church moved towards Anglo-Catholicism in the 1920's when number attending the church doubled. These days the priest serves 4 very different parishes.
The Black Lion Hotel in nearby Little Walsingham
We ate (and slept) at nearby Little Walsingham at the Black Lion Hotel. We were served by real locals and the food and service were fine.

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