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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Ufford, Suffolk

Cottage outside Ufford Church
This must be one of the most famous churches in East Anglia. It is approached down narrow Church Lane and there is a delightful Suffolk cottage just outside the church. When we visited some years ago there was a wasp's nest but this has gone.

The statue of Mary half way up the tower was restored in 2005. The original was believed to have been damaged in Cromwell's days or it weathered away. No-one is sure. Anyway, there is a new one now.

Ufford Church Tower
Food at Snape Maltings
We ate at nearby Snape Maltings where the food was fine.
Font cover
The oldest part of the church in the nave and dates from the 13th century. It is famous for its font cover which is one of the finest in the whole of the country.  The font cover dates from 1450 and was described by Pevsner as, "a prodigeous and delightful piece reaching right up to the roof."

Part of font cover

The roof is also impressive - a painted combination of hammer and tie beams.
Roof and part of the font cover (RHS)
Font leaflet

 There was plenty of literature available about the church and area.
Literature at Ufford Church
 See .

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