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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Hingham, Norfolk

I'll be honest, I did not like this large,dark, church. It reminded my of the Victorian age and little else. There was a good memorial to those from the town killed in WW1 and what looked like tables in the north aisle for a cafe. Little else struck me as memorable.
Hingham though is a jewel with some wide greens and fine Georgian houses. The village is better than its church. If you have not visited, do so.  These days I suspect it a dormitory town for Norwich.
Hingham is famous as the American President Lincoln's ancestors came from here.
We ate at the Lincoln Tea Shoppe and Bistro just off Fairgreen. I am not sure why they called it a bistro. It was a fine example of an English tea shop: nice decor, good food and good service.

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