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Thursday, 10 September 2015


Blythburgh Church
Blythburgh, Holy Trinity, is a very light and airy church overlooking the marshes at Blythburgh, not far from Southwold. It is a large church with a glorious roof studded with angels which were restored in the 1970s.

Angels on the roof
Cromwell's men tried hard to ruin the church and even stabled their horses there.
Where Cromwell's men stabled horses!

A nice quote from
"But for my money, Holy Trinity, Blythburgh, is the most significant medieval art object in the county, ranking alongside Salle in Norfolk."

We ate at nearby Snape Maltings. It is not far from Dunwich, Southwold and Walberswick.
Food at Snape Maltings
We visited Aldeburgh where we saw the famous shell sculpture on the beach. It is about 4m high and impressive, although some hate it.
Shell on beach at Aldeburgh

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