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Monday, 20 July 2015

Clare - St Peter and St Paul

Clare, Suffolk, St Peter and St Paul
Today, we visited Clare in Suffolk. St Peter and St Paul church was open.  It was a light and airy church. It was visited in 1643 by anti-Romanist Dowsing.  It  was called a "good church" by Daniel Defoe on his tour of the British Isles.  Most of the church dates from the 14th and early 15th century, with 13th century parts in the west tower.

On the south side is a Stuart gallery which is reached by a flight of stairs.

Bell ropes
There are 8 bells. These are the heaviest in Suffolk.

It has a famous Gotch, a 32 pint beer vessel donated to the bell ringers by the rector (called Bell!) in 1729. A Gotch is (according to Webster's dictionary) defined as,"a potbellied jug or pitcher usually made of earthenware".
A 15th century brass lectern in the form of an eagle has unusual dogs feet.
Lectern (LHS)
In the east window are representations of the sun and moon in medieval glass.
Sun and Moon in medieval glass
The organ dates from the 1700s.

The church had a nice shop and toy corner for children. A nice touch were the shoe bags for children to help them keep amused during services.
Toy Corner
There is a fine sundial, dating from 1790, over the entrance from the south. Over it are the words, "Go about your business".

Just across the churchyard is the Ancient House Museum which has some fine pargeting on the walls.
See,_Clare .

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