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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Wiveton, St Mary, North Norfolk

The tower
Wiveton port
We have a painting of this church so we visited it in mid May after visiting Cley, which is just across the valley, to satisfy our curiosity. It is a light and airy church in a peaceful setting overlooking the Glaven valley.

Wiveton from the front
Back in the Middle Ages Wiveton was a busy port but the estuary long since silted up to be replaced by fields. A couple of paintings inside the church show what it would have been like centuries ago. Wiveton was a port until the 1600s. The population of Wiveton today is only around 158. It was probably larger when a busy port.

Inside Wiveton Church
There is little inside the church of note. It is more its situation that makes it stand out. The original organ dating from the 1700s was stolen and it was replaced in 1981.

We ate lunch at The Three Swallows pub in Cley where there is a wide variety of places to eat. Blakeney is only a little way west and there is a good choice here too.

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