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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Exning, St Martin, Suffolk

In the past, this church has always been locked, but it was open on the Saturday of the first bank holiday in May 2015.

Exning village (a few miles west of Newmarket and 2 miles east of Burwell) is older than nearby Newmarket, the famous home of horse racing.  Newmarket literally was the "new market" for Exning.   In 2014 some Anglo-Saxon graves were excavated. Exning is a very old village.

The church stands on the corner of Duck's Lane. It is named after St Martin and dates back to the 1100s and is a Grade 1 listed building. It still has regular Sunday worship. The church is central in the village and on relatively high ground compared with a lot of the "old" village. At night, floodlights, in memory of a local landowner's wife, illuminate the church.

The parish of Exning is linked with nearby Landwade. The small church at Landwade has no heating and no electricity and is only used on special occasions in the summer months.

Several improvements were made to the church at Exning in 2010 so it could be used by the community more effectively.

There are a few pubs along on the same side of Church St. as the church. Of course, there is a wide choice of places to eat in Newmarket.

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