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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Walpole St Peter

Walpole St Peter
Keeping the vicar dry
Alec Clifton-Taylor once called this the best church in England.  It is also called the "cathedral of the fens". It has been visited by the Queen , Prince Charles and past kings. When we visited today the fine church was unlocked.

Tunnel under the altar
There are Jacobean pews facing inward towards the nave. The vicar had a special enclosed seat made so he could be kept dry at the side of graves. The church has a tunnel under the high altar so that centuries back processions could circle the church.

The overall impression is this church is old, light and airy. It is well worth a visit as no amount of description can do it justice.

It really makes you wonder how such a magnificent church came to be built here.  Long ago this was one of the wealthiest parts of England.  Today, it is in one of the most boring backwaters (north fenland) at the end of a nondescript housing estate.

Collage of Walpole St Peter
When we visited the church was unlocked and open.   We ate in Kings Lynn which is only a few miles away to the north east. Walpole St Peter is a few miles off the A47.  It is well signposted. Look for the brown signs.

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