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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Oxborough (Oxburgh), Norfolk

Oxborough (or Oxburgh) is spelt in different ways.

Remains of Oxborough village church
Bedingfield Chapel
This church, St John's, immediately next door to Oxburgh Hall is probably unique in being famous for what is not there any more.

In autumn 1948, the church tower collapsed and only part of the church remains intact. Where the tower fell, witnessed by children in the school across the road, is now grassed over, but the tower collapse was catastrophic.

Bedingfield Chapel (another view)
The 16th century Bedingfield Chapel survived. The St John's Church chancel contains some of the finest terracotta tombs and tombstones in England.

Oxburgh Hall
Oxburgh Hall has a priest's hole where the Roman Catholic priest could be hidden.

Church in grounds of Oxburgh Hall
There is another chapel in the grounds of Oxburgh Hall.

We ate in the National Trust Cafe which is just inside Oxburgh Hall (over the bridge to the moated house and turn left).

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