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Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Duxford Church
We were again disappointed to find this church locked and no help at all where to get the key - nothing on the locked door, nothing on the church noticeboard . All very disappointing as we'd be told this was a church worth visiting. All we managed were a few external shots. I can understand why the church was locked if they have had recent thefts, but it would have be kind to tell us where we could get the key.  Don't be disappointed if you come a long way. We were.

The inside of this little church remains a mystery! There is a trig point on the base of the tower. These were used (in the past) by the Ordnance Survey for map making.

See .

Not far from the village on the other side of the M11 motorway is the Imperial War Museum, which is world famous for its collection of planes.

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