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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Landwade church is a small private church in the parish of Landwade. Landwade has been in Suffolk only since 1994. Before then the parish was in Cambridgeshire.  The church is now usually locked but contains many memorials to the Cotton family who lived at Landwade.

The parish is very small consisting of a few cottages, farms and Landwade Hall. Landwade Hall is located about 150m from the small church. Landwade feels very quiet and remote. Landwade has been occupied since Roman times.

There are some delightful walks around Landwade. In mid February, when we usually do this walk, the environs of the church are a sea of snowdrops and aconites. Slightly later, there are plenty of daffodils.

For our walk today we visited with our "London" grandchildren. It was a bright blue skied day, but about 5-6 degrees C and quite muddy. It felt quite spring like.

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