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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Eye Church

Eye church tower
Part of rood screen
Eye has a very fine church with a splendid tower. We heard the bells being rung a
few years ago. There has been a church on the current site since 1066. The church was restored in 1868 and the 15th century rood screen was restored in 1925.

Across the road from the church, on a nearby hill, are the remains of a motte and bailey castle that dates originally from just after the Norman Conquest. The Eye website has confusing data about the castle. It was sacked in 1265 and was largely restored in the 19th century. I am unclear how much of it is original and how much is a Victorian folly. It looks original.

Eye castle
There was plentiful parking near the church and we ate at low cost just up the road from the church at Beard's Deli where ham and scrambled egg on toast was £3.50. The cafe, attached to a deli, was small and simple but ideal for lunch.

Weather on our visit today was cold, although the church and cafe were warm. The church was having a new organ installed. Outside the temperature was 2-3 deg C but dry. There was still some snow on the ground, but most had melted.


  1. Beards Cafe is great. Love Eye, my Dad went to the old Grammar School.

  2. Thanks Frank. Been to Eye many times. Beard's Deli was perfect for lunch.