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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Lavenham St Peter and St Paul Church

Lavenham Church
We visited Lavenham this last Wednesday, Jan 28th 2015 and visited the famous church after we had lunch in the Angel Hotel. The Angel has recently changed hands and once again has a warm "local" feel with soup and sandwiches on the lunch menu. When it went all posh we avoided it.

Like much of Lavenham, the church was built on the wealth of the wool trade. It is a fine church on top of the hill. Inside it is wide, spacious and airy.  It is famous for its 14th century misericords. .The image shown of misericordson the LHS is not on this site. If linking it  causes any issues (e.g. copyright) it will be immediately removed.

Our local vicar moved from Burwell to Lavenham some years ago. We noticed a few photos with him in (Stephen Earl) at the rear of the church.

The Swan
The famous Swan Hotel on the corner of Water Street was where one of our sons had his wedding reception. Years earlier I went there for a course. After a week I came home much heavier, as the food at  "The Swan" was very good. I don't remember much about the course!

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  1. Visited this church a few years ago with friends from South Africa... Love it! Bought a cookery book to help church funds... Never used it... Must dig it out....